Since 1978, Bedestone Ltd has continued to provide a high class sub-contract service in Conventional / CNC Jig Grinding, Universal Grinding and Wire Erosion to all aspects of engineering sectors to include, Aerospace, Nuclear, Precision Tool Making, Motorsport, Pharmaceutical, Oil/Gas and Rail.

Jig Grinding

Bedestone specialise in Conventional / CNC Jig Grinding and has over 40 years experience in providing precision grinding to a number of businesses and industries across Birmingham and the UK.

  • Conventional Jig Grinding
  • Manual Jig Grinding
  • CNC Jig grinding
  • Profile Grinding
  • Form Grinding
  • Hole Grinding
  • Bore Grinding
  • Ring Grinding
  • Hauser Jig Grinding
  • CNC Hauser Jig Grinding
  • Moore Jig Grinding
  • Moore CNC Jig Grinding
  • G48 Moore CNC Jig Grinder
  • 1200 Moore CNC Jig Grinder
  • Spin Table
  • Rotary Positioning Table
  • Index Positioning Table
  • Ground Bores
  • Taper Bore Grinding

Wire Erosion

Bedestone provides Wire Erosion in Birmingham, with an unbeatably high standard of accuracy guaranteed for every job we undertake.

Wire Erosion is a precision engineering process where a work piece is cut through with a strand of wire, this wire is electrically charged and creates electrical sparks between the wire and the work piece, these sparks produced create the form in the work piece to micron tolerances.

  • Small Hole Burning
  • Wire Eroding
  • EDM Wire Erosion
  • Charmilles Wire Eroding
  • Agie Wire Eroding
  • Spline Gauges
  • Profile Accuracy of 0.002mm
  • Wiring up to 45° Angles
  • Dual Contour Cutting (top and bottom head of machine cuts a different profile)
  • Max 510mm thickness with a ±0.25mm profile tolerance
  • Greater than 0.2Ra Surface finish achievable using multi cut technology
  • Optional Wire Thickness available to include Ø0.1mm / Ø0.2mm / Ø0.25mm and Ø0.3mm

precision Precision

Working in a temperature controlled environment to +/-1°c our 6 CNC Jig Grinders and 11 Manual Jig Grinders and Universal Grinder offer a consistent machining accuracy of 0.002mm.


engineering Engineering

Full Vero Visi facility capable at handling all IGES, DXF, STEP FILES.


experience Experience

Our staff have over 200 years of precision grinding expertise with a wide range of knowledge in machining for industries as diverse as Aerospace, Defence, Motor Sport, F1, Nuclear and Automotive tooling amongst others.