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Working in a temperature controlled environment to +/-1°c our 6 CNC Jig Grinders and 10 manual Jig Grinders offer a consistent machining accuracy of 0.002mm of roundness and parallelism on all holes with a positional accuracy better than 0.005mm.

Dimensional checks to assure conformance to requirements are carried out by our Zeiss MP5 CNC CMM with sub-micron measuring capability.


CAD – FullVERO VISICAM Facility capable of handling all IGES, OXF and Step Files.

Design – Full design capability for Pressure Dies, Plastic Mould Tools, Machining and Checking fixtures. Design fr manufacture.

Capability – CNC and manual Jig Grinding, CNC Wire erosion, tool making.

Manufacture – Subcontract Jig Grinding, Pressure Dies, Plastic Mould Tools, Precision Components from cast, forgings and solid

Quality – ISO 9001:2008, AS9100 REV C, Rolls Royce, Goodrich Aerospace,British Aerospace, F1 Approvals


Our staff have over 100 years of precision grinding expertise with a wide range of knowledge in machining for industries as diverse as Aerospace, Defence, Motorsport, F1, nuclear and Automotive Tooling amongst others..

We are able to continually process high specification alloys to micro tolerances,design and manufacture precision dies and moulds and precision machine in 5 simultaneous axes.

In short we have a fund of knowledge to accurately and consistently process your components from a wide variety of materials.

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